hbanderso reviewed Georgie Smigel | 06/25/2017 | Seller's Agent 

Georgie knows the market in our neighborhood better than anyone. An accurate, fair value was established for our home resulting in a quick sale. She also had contacts to quickly get reliable people to our home to repair some minor issues. I highly recommend Georgie.

pattyinpitts reviewed Georgie Smigel | 04/05/2017 | Buyer's Agent

I remain impressed with the market knowledge and responsiveness of Georgie Smigel in our search for a new home.  Georgie found the perfect home for us and moved the process along at a steady pace, allowing nothing to fall through the cracks.  In fact I am having her sell my town home when it is ready because I know it will be sold quickly and am confident the process milestones again will be done accurately.

nwessel reviewed Georgie Smigel | 04/01/2017 | Seller's Agent

Georgie was the ultimate professional.  She responded to our calls promptly and closely led the entire sales process. She made multiple recommendations, which we followed, to get our home "show ready" and the first people to view our home bought it at asking price! I highly recommend Georgie Smigel!

Ann Samler reviewed Georgie Smigel | 04/01/2017 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is by far the rock star for home sales in this area. This is the second time I've used Georgie to sell a home and she always knows just what needs to be done to make your home sell. Thanks Georgie!!! 

linmo007 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 01/06/2017 | Buyer's Agent

Georgie used her extensive experience to find us a home after looking for months on our own. We are very grateful that she anticipated our needs so well in the selection process to allow us to make the right choice.

kdsteff reviewed Georgie Smigel | 12/30/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is the top realtor in the area! She guided us through the process of preparing our house for sale, showing and marketing our house, and the closing for our house. With her expertise and topnotch skills and contacts, our house sold in 2 weeks.

SteveDeffenbaugh reviewed Georgie Smigel | 12/02/2016 | Seller's Agent

Not picking Georgie in the beginning of selling our home cost me thousands by dealing with a less aggressive company (HH). I did 90% of my transaction via email and from out of state and I never worried things would not get done, if you're looking to sell your home in Cranberry she’s probably the only choice!

ChrisNov16 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/16/2016 | Buyer's Agent

Georgie was recommended to us by a work colleague and we are glad that we used her to help us find and purchase our new home. Georgie has a great team working with her, so anytime we wanted to see a home, Georgie personally met with us or arranged for one of her team members to meet us. Georgie and her team were always prompt, professional, and never made us to feel like they were rushing us. Georgie’s negotiating skills are also excellent – she negotiated with the selling agent for weeks before reaching a price that we were happy with. All in all, it was a great experience!  

kmtakac reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/15/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is simply the best realtor you could ask for. She knows the business inside and out and will go out of her way to do anything for you. I have recommended several relatives and friends and all of them have loved her as well. She is simply the best! She helped us sell my mom's house i just a few weeks. She worked between us and the buyer to even help us sell a few pieces of furniture.

MirandaSofia reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/08/2016 | Buyer's Agent

Georgie helped me buy my first house, and then a house for a family member. She & her staff are professional, provide a lot of guidance (how many times does one buy a home?), take care of the details, and also compassionate towards both the seller and the buyer. I have worked with Georgie on other real estate transactions since then.

holidays234 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/08/2016 | Seller’s Agent

Georgie is a hard worker and very good with negotiating skills. She had our house sold quickly after we switched to her services. I would highly recommend her!

jason shoemaker321 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/08/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie was very professional, has tremendous local knowledge and experience. Georgie did a great job at pricing our home correctly and providing advice as to what we needed to do to get our home to sell. Our home sold within a week (which is what she predicted) and the price was well above what I paid for the house. I will definitely be using Georgie again and would recommend her to friends and family that are looking to buy or sell a home in the Cranberry area.

hudsy1953 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 11/08/2016 | Seller's Agent

I'm writing this review to inform all readers and potential buyers and sellers that Georgie was professional, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and on time for all appointments. She will work very hard for you as a buyers or sellers agent, Georgie has sold two properties for me in the past 3  years one sold in 30 days and the other within 45 days, her marketing plan was incredible, she has been a top producer for many years in the Pittsburgh Triple State area, she gets a gold star from me.

user7029671 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 10/07/2016 | Buyer's Agent

I’m in my 7th house now and believe me, we’re getting up there in age and this is the last one, I’ve had three memorable realtors along the way, one in Colorado and the other in Wyoming but Georgie put them to shame. We left our home empty because we had so much stuff and it needed a lot of work to get it ready for market and moved out of state. Well we only thought we needed a lot of work done because the realtor who sold us the house did such a poor job having it inspected. Again we were out of state when vital things happened and that realtor failed us miserably. So I became a big nut on investigating everything I can on the internet so with our most recent sale I did my homework. I don’t remember the site but one rated local realtors and Georgie was lightyears above the next one down in performance. We had her come out to look at our property and she went through every aspect of the house that needed attention to get the most for the property but to not put money in if it wouldn’t bring a return, she didn’t miss a thing. We sat down to go over the paperwork that would be needed from us to get started then brought out the information on her record as a realtor and I said “Don’t worry, I looked you up online and I’d be an idiot not to have you as our realtor”. So we move out and the fixing that I couldn’t do started. Georgie found a buyer, I think in the first week, then we had the home inspection which showed the previous realtors failures. Georgie came through for us on very issue and has her list of people that help sellers get stuff done without ripping them off, I was pleased with all the contractor’s prices. She was there for us every step of the way which was a great comfort to us being halfway across the country. If you’re buying or selling, put your trust in Georgie Smigel, she did it right for us and did it right for the buyer, though I wish the previous realtor wasn’t such a failure that cost me so much, and we sold the house for more than either of us expected.

zuser20150314094559538 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 09/07/2016 | Buyer & Seller’s Agent

This is the second time I've sold with Georgie and I bought with her as well. Every time, the house was sold in the desired timeframe. She didn't an excellent job negotiating with buyers agent.

zuser20160313072119299 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 07/14/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie was beyond impressive from our first meeting in discussing the sale of our home up until the day of closing. My wife and I could not be happier with our decision to use Georgie as our listing agent and we would recommend her to any of our friends and family members who need similar services.

user52388615 reviewed Georgie Smigel | -7/05/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie Was our best experience on realtors. She is straight to the point with the main goal is the wellbeing of the customer. I can't be happier with her performance

larry konsin reviewed Georgie Smigel | 05/24/2016 | Seller's Agent

Has a good team and other resources at her fingertips! Efficient and effective. Got us the price we wanted. Good reputation in the industry. Years of experience and a depth of knowledge of the local market that was hard to match with other realtors.

Not_iman reviewed Georgie Smigel | 05/04/2016 | Buyer's Agent

Georgie was terrific to work with! She helped us through both selling our previous home and purchasing our new home. She's incredibly knowledgeable of the market in the area and very attentive to her client's interests. She'll offer honest feedback and set realistic expectations when needed. She'll guide you patiently through all of the steps & paperwork involved with selling and buying a home. She's a very active seller and, when you're buying, she stays on top of everything that each party is responsible for in order to make sure that your closing goes smoothly. Best of all, she's so friendly to work with. She makes everyone feel like her #1 client! Thanks for everything Georgie!! 

ted blumenthal reviewed Georgie Smigel | 03/25/2016 | Seller's Agent

Georgie's network and Cranberry Twp is so expansive that you'd be silly to hire any other realtor to sell your house. It just seems like she has more reach than anyone else out there and we able to get more people to our house in a short period of time than our prior realtor could in months. 

Robbinsjolene reviewed Georgie Smigel | 03/03/2016 | Seller's Agent

Our family can honestly say that we were completely satisfied with the services we received With Georgie and her entire team. From the beginning, we were impressed with her personal approach, professionalism, attention to detail, and hard work. I highly recommend Georgie.

erinjrice4820 reviewed Georgie Smigel | 02/26/2016 | Buyer's Agent

Georgie was AMAZING. She helped us with an unconventional buy. I was only in town on weekends once a month and she got us into the homes we wanted to see when we wanted to see them, even if it took a lot of phone calls. She did so well dealing with my scattered mindset. She helped us find a great home that we love, that turned into a short sale, and she got us into the house in less than 2 months.

Dholayer reviewed Georgie Smigel | 08/11/2015 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is by far the best! We met Georgie when she was the seller's agent for a home we purchased. We were so impressed with her command we asked her to sell our home and help us find a new home 9 years later. She helped guide us every step of the way with professionalism and care! We highly recommend Georgie!

Dave Edwards reviewed Georgie Smigel | 08/09/2015 | Seller's Agent 

Georgie did a good job identifying what we needed to do to get the house ready for sell. She cares about her clients. We would recommend here to others.

Jason Suter reviewed Georgie Smigel | 07/22/2015 | Seller's Agent 

Our family was recently transferred south and we chose Georgie Smigel to be our selling agent. Georgie and her team at Coldwell are extremely knowledgeable of Cranberry Twp and her time in the business shows immediately when you have your first meet. When it came to questions, she almost always answered her phone every time and if not, returned the call within minutes. If you are considering selling or buying a house in Cranberry Twp or North Butler County we would highly recommend Georgie and her team! We could not have been happier with the whole process and are so thankful for all her Hard Work.

Tom & Nancy Oligner reviewed Georgie Smigel | 07/14/2015 | Seller's Agent

Georgie was always willing to help and spend time with you. She gives good advice concerning selling a home. She is very pleasant and good to work with. We would use her as an agent again if we ever need her.

Kristina Takac reviewed Georgie Smigel | 05/22/2015 | Seller's Agent

I have worked with Georgie many times over the past 20 years to both purchase and sell homes, as have many of my other family members. Every one of us has had the same experience with Georgie, she is OUTSTANDING! She is a kind and compassionate person and that is reflected in every facet of her work. She will do everything that she possibly can to make the experience and sale/purchase of your home the best that it can possibly be. There is no comparison! She will go out of her way to help you and she has a support team to make it happen quickly. You will not be just a number to Georgie, she will remember you years down the road. My family would never use anyone else. I can honestly give her my highest recommendation. She is simply the best! Thank you for everything Georgie!

Sally Recio reviewed Georgie Smigel | 05/15/2015 | Seller's Agent

I valued Georgie's expertise in real estate and in my geographic area. I expected that. I really valued our ability to work as a team throughout the process. She gave invaluable advice and recommendations on everything from staging to updating and repairs. My condo was marketed aggressively and appropriately. I found Georgie very easy to talk to and we were able to work through any differences of opinion easily and productively--which is rare! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and for helping me sell my condo at a great price.

Rick Whalen reviewed Georgie Smigel | 03/23/2015 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is a very serious Realtor. She gets the job done! She is tough when she has to be,yet very compassionate. I would engage her again,so should you!

bdmejia reviewed Georgie Smigel | 02/25/2015 | Seller's Agent

Georgie is a fabulous realtor - she knows her stuff and is extremely helpful and responsive. She sold two homes for us and we will use her next time we need a realtor!